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cheap royalty free stock imagesA picture is worth a thousand words. Locating the right image to tell your story can be a bit of a hassle. Your attempts to search for cheap royalty free stock photos online can quickly get overwhelming. Then there is your budget to consider as you don’t want the ideal image to break the bank. There are ways to buy stock photos cheap while still presenting the message you want your project to say to the world.


Budget Friendly Stock images are made available through image library format settings. These libraries are accessible through monthly subscriptions or single, pay-per-download pricing structures. The monthly subscription services allow a user to download a set number of images, videos or illustrations for one price. The cost depends upon the number of pictures a user may wish to download in a given month.

Lower prices for smaller quantities of photos are available each month. Monthly subscriptions provide users with access to an entire photo, video and illustrations library collection. These collections may feature thousands of images that are available for use. Each month, users are free to download the allotted number of images to their computers where they are free to use the images as they see fit.

Pay Per Photo

Another option to buy stock photos cheap is to utilize the pay-per-download option. For a small price, users purchase credits, and these credits are then used to buy individual photos. Many photos cost a minimum of three credits to buy. The pay-per-price credits may start at $33 and increase from there. Discounts are available resulting in lower prices for each credit bundle that a user purchases.

A pay per photo pricing structure makes Budget Friendly Stock photos available for companies or individuals that are working on a strict budget. It allows users to pay a minimal price for a photo that they may not be certain will work in their project at the time of purchase. Some imaging websites give users the opportunity to try an image of interest in a project before making a purchase.

Additional purchase options may also include receiving royalty free images through bulk ordering that offer a substantial discount. Different pricing structures are also available for  companies as well. In the end, the best photos to purchase are the ones that bring a project to life without the need for additional explanation.