Getty Images

Getty Images is not only known for their premium content, but also of their slightly expensive pricing. Many creative professionals wish to use the services of the stock media agency. However, only some are able to afford them. To expand their market to average users, the stock site offers two choices – Ultrapacks and Getty Images promotion code. Here’s what you need to know about the two:


  • Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that come with a certain number of downloads and built-in savings. You pay upfront for these packs, but you can use your downloads whenever you want. It’s up to you which volume pack and image resolution you want to purchase, of course. Each pack cuts a percentage from the original prices, so you will also get varied discounts depending on image resolution and volume size.

    Ultrapacks never expire, too. As long as you log on to your Getty account at least once a year, it will stay active and you can download the assets you need anytime. Since the clips are already paid for, you can easily and quickly select and purchase the ones you need. There is a drawback, however. Only royalty-free videos can be downloaded with these packs. If you want to add rights such as multi-seats and unlimited reproductions, you need to purchase custom license.

  • Getty Images Promotion Code. Another way for average users to experience Getty services without breaking the bank is through a promo code. Promotions are limited-time-only perks offered by the stock and its affiliates. There are many promo codes, but they all have the same goal – to give discounts. Currently, there are two codes to choose from. You can get 30% off Ultrapacks or $100 off 1080p HD video.

getty-images-logoGetty Images has a huge collection of stock assets in its library. Getty Images footage along makes up millions of the collection. You can choose from over 50,000 hours of film to complete your commercial and editorial projects. The collection include archival films and videos from media partners such as BBC Motion, National Geographic and Walt Disney. Just make sure you purchase the license that gives you the proper rights to use the clips.

Getty Images offers royalty-free and rights-managed licenses for footages. Royalty-free grants you perpetual rights to use the video clips in many accepted uses. For a one-time flat fee, it only has a few restrictions. On the other hand, rights-managed can be adjusted to your creative needs. Prices will vary according to your intended use, geographic reach, distribution mode and volume, and others. The maximum duration of a RM license is 10 years. Any extension requires a new license.

What are you waiting for? Experience variety and low price with a Getty Images promotion code and Ultrapacks now!