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What do you need images for? Are you a blogger, web designer or businessperson? Images are very important part of a creative project. It enhances the look and helps convey the message. While there are many cheap stock photos in the market, not all of them have the right license and release for legal usage. You will be in trouble if you are found guilty of using these images. For your own safety, you need to create a Shutterstock free browse account.

The Shutterstock free browse account allows you to access some of the stock photo website’s collection. It also allows you to download the free photo of the week. However, you will not have access to the entire library. If you want to widen your choices and download images, you need to get a subscription. Shutterstock subscriptions are not as cheap as other stock photo sites, but there is always a way to further your savings.

Shutterstock Coupons

Shutterstock coupons play a very important role to the success of your creative project. They help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars, so you can use the money for other important things. They can help further your savings, too. Where can you get these promo codes? Many websites offer Shutterstock promo codes. Some are legit, while others are scams. You need to be careful of who you dealing with.

How do you know that a website is a legit distributor of Shutterstock coupons? It’s simple. Make sure that the website is affiliated with the stock photo agency. You should only get your coupons from partner sites to avoid being scammed. You should not deal with sites that ask for money in exchange for coupons. More importantly, check if the codes are active and valid. For instance, Shutterstock coupon code 2021 is useable for this year.

How can you get coupons? Coupons are redeemable from partner sites. New customers and existing customers alike are given the opportunity to jump-start a creative project and save for other activities. Why do you need a Shutterstock coupon code? You need them to enjoy significant savings. You may think that 10 or 20 percent is a small amount, but if accumulated, you can save hundreds or even thousands per year.  

Shutterstock coupons are very important for bloggers, web designers, businessperson and other members of the creative community. They help you purchase and download the perfect images for your creative projects. With these coupons, you do not have to worry about the pricing of the stock site. You can start downloading royalty-free images instantly through these discounts. What are you waiting for? Get your Shutterstock photo coupons from a reliable website now!

istock photo logoiStock, previously known as iStockphoto, is a stock photo agency dedicated to provide the creative community with millions of hand-picked premium stock images at ridiculously great prices. It has been in business for over 15 years and has remained as a key destination for creative professionals who wish to make a big impact on their projects without breaking the bank. Here are some reasons why you should choose the stock site as your primary image source:

  • Best content at a great price. iStock provides you with several options to acquire images for the best value of your money. You can download credits or subscribe to plan, whatever suits your creative needs and budget. In fact, half of the images in the library is already half the price, too. Furthermore, stock photo website works with Stock Photo Secrets, which feature substantial savings with iStock coupon codes.
  • Faster search, more reliable results. iStock has plenty of creative content, exclusive to the website. Browsing through them has gotten easier and faster as well – thanks to the recent search upgrades. You can now focus on the image and the important details, and get exactly the images you are looking for. Furthermore, you can find a better match for your search or budget with the upgraded price filters.
  • Rates and pricing. iStock offers flexible rates to suit every creative professional’s budget. Available in pay per credits and subscription plans, you can download images you need to complete your creative projects. In terms of credits, the stock photo website gives you the opportunity to save more when you buy more. You can also enjoy additional savings through iStock discount code.

  • Free stock files every week. Another reason to use iStock is the free stock files you get every week. That’s right! When you sign up to the stock photo website, you will not only have access to millions of its premium quality stock images but also download and use one per week for free. You have the choice to get a free photo, video, illustration or audio clip.
  • iStock promo code 2021. As the top reason to go with iStock, this promo will save you 10% on credits and 15% on subscription on your first iStock purchase, and even existing customers. While other codes last a short period, this one gives you a maximum discount on 15% on your yearly subscription. Redeem it now!

iStock provides various reasons why you should consider it as your primary image source. Best content, great price, faster search, reliable results, flexible rates, and free stock files are only some of them. However, the top reason is the availability of iStock coupon codes which you can get from Stock Photo Secrets.

Having the right stock photos for your creative project is imperative. They do not only spice up your website, they also convert visitors into customers. However, finding the perfect images can be a daunting task – especially if you don’t know where to look. Several sources are available in the internet, but not all of them are reliable and affordable. So, where can you find the cheapest stock photos?

The cheapest stock photos aren’t for free. They come at a price that won’t hurt your pockets, though. They are sold for affordable prices at stock photo agencies. Your choice depends on your creative needs and budget.

Here’s a list of the best stock photo websites to purchase the cheapest stock photos:

  • Stock Photo Secrets. A one-stop shop for all your stock photo needs, Stock Photo Secrets offers the lowest deals in the market. Their 99 Club plan allows you to download 200 XXL images per year, without daily download limits. Free photos are also available in the website, as well as coupons to help you save more. SPS has over 5 million premium stock images – all with royalty-free license. Extended license is now offered at the stock site for unlimited print runs and merchandise for resale.
  • Shutterstock do not only have the cheapest stock photos, they also have the largest stock collection. With over 192 million royalty free images, music tracks and video clips, you will surely find the perfect file to enhance your creative projects. The stock site offer stunning content at straightforward prices, starting at $29 per month for 10 images. Plans for individual and multiple users are available, granting access and legal coverage for every user.
  • Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is the best place to get the cheapest stock photos for Creative Cloud users. Deeply integrated with Adobe desktop apps, you can preview, access, license and manage stock photos directly. Annual plans start at $29.99 per month for 10 images. A free trial is currently offered, making it the best time to check out the website and see if it suits your creative needs. Credits are also available for content you can’t get with a plan, such as premium images, videos and templates.
  • If you are looking for the perfect stock photos, vectors and illustrations, iStock is the place for you. It has millions of high quality images that will make your project stand out. All files in the library belong to two collections: Essentials and Signature. Every size is the same price and can be bought through credits. Subscription plans are also available for larger, ongoing creative needs.

The cheapest stock photos are available in these four stock photo websites. At affordable rates, you are not only getting high quality images but also the usage rights that guarantee legal protection. All their images come with a royalty-free license that allows you to use them in any project for as long as you like. Some also offer extended license for unlimited print runs and use on merchandise for resale.

Photography is a great way to connect with your target audience. Over the years, stock photos have improved their quality and prices. You can find anything you need from stock photo sites for minimal cost. If you are looking for the cheapest stock photos in the market, check out the above stock image sources.


Images and other photos, like written text, can be copyrighted. If the specific image is not copyrighted it is said to be like in public domain and anyone may use it, but with certain risks. The owner can assert copyright protection over his image. This makes it illegal for anyone who use the image without permission to the owner. The image owner may allow others to use their image with explicit permission.

Copyright does not only apply to movies, songs or books, but also in software program, architectural designs, videogames and choreography, and photos. If your company register a copy right, it gives your company the right to sell and distributes copies.

A law suit is filed to collect the copyright-violation damages. If you violated a copyright law, the photo owner can request the judge for an injunction, stop the violations, and seize all copies that are already in existence. You can also lose a large sum equal to the money or financial profit you made from committing such crime. Furthermore, you can be asked to pay for statutory damages instead of the actual damages.

Statutory Damages
Statutory damages are asked before the final judgement. The court can ask you to pay anywhere from $750 to $30,000, depending on what the judge thinks is fair. If you are proven to break the copyright law willfully, instead of ignorance, you can pay up to $150, 000. However, if you are not proven to break the copyright law intentionally, the judge can lower the fee to as low as $200.

If you willfully breaks the law for financial gain, it is considered as a criminal act. It’s also a crime if you reproduced more than $1,000 worth of materials or posts online, or pitched the idea that the original is to be distributed commercially. If you are caught, the police have the authority to destroy the illegal materials and force you to make compensation. Some copyright owners may pressure you to settle out of court.

That’s why you should always contact the owner of the image to see if they want to control use of the image before using it.




Getty Images is not only known for their premium content, but also of their slightly expensive pricing. Many creative professionals wish to use the services of the stock media agency. However, only some are able to afford them. To expand their market to average users, the stock site offers two choices – Ultrapacks and Getty Images promotion code. Here’s what you need to know about the two:


  • Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that come with a certain number of downloads and built-in savings. You pay upfront for these packs, but you can use your downloads whenever you want. It’s up to you which volume pack and image resolution you want to purchase, of course. Each pack cuts a percentage from the original prices, so you will also get varied discounts depending on image resolution and volume size.

    Ultrapacks never expire, too. As long as you log on to your Getty account at least once a year, it will stay active and you can download the assets you need anytime. Since the clips are already paid for, you can easily and quickly select and purchase the ones you need. There is a drawback, however. Only royalty-free videos can be downloaded with these packs. If you want to add rights such as multi-seats and unlimited reproductions, you need to purchase custom license.

  • Getty Images Promotion Code. Another way for average users to experience Getty services without breaking the bank is through a promo code. Promotions are limited-time-only perks offered by the stock and its affiliates. There are many promo codes, but they all have the same goal – to give discounts. Currently, there are two codes to choose from. You can get 30% off Ultrapacks or $100 off 1080p HD video.

getty-images-logoGetty Images has a huge collection of stock assets in its library. Getty Images footage along makes up millions of the collection. You can choose from over 50,000 hours of film to complete your commercial and editorial projects. The collection include archival films and videos from media partners such as BBC Motion, National Geographic and Walt Disney. Just make sure you purchase the license that gives you the proper rights to use the clips.

Getty Images offers royalty-free and rights-managed licenses for footages. Royalty-free grants you perpetual rights to use the video clips in many accepted uses. For a one-time flat fee, it only has a few restrictions. On the other hand, rights-managed can be adjusted to your creative needs. Prices will vary according to your intended use, geographic reach, distribution mode and volume, and others. The maximum duration of a RM license is 10 years. Any extension requires a new license.

What are you waiting for? Experience variety and low price with a Getty Images promotion code and Ultrapacks now!

cheap royalty free stock imagesA picture is worth a thousand words. Locating the right image to tell your story can be a bit of a hassle. Your attempts to search for cheap royalty free stock photos online can quickly get overwhelming. Then there is your budget to consider as you don’t want the ideal image to break the bank. There are ways to buy stock photos cheap while still presenting the message you want your project to say to the world.


Budget Friendly Stock images are made available through image library format settings. These libraries are accessible through monthly subscriptions or single, pay-per-download pricing structures. The monthly subscription services allow a user to download a set number of images, videos or illustrations for one price. The cost depends upon the number of pictures a user may wish to download in a given month.

Lower prices for smaller quantities of photos are available each month. Monthly subscriptions provide users with access to an entire photo, video and illustrations library collection. These collections may feature thousands of images that are available for use. Each month, users are free to download the allotted number of images to their computers where they are free to use the images as they see fit.

Pay Per Photo

Another option to buy stock photos cheap is to utilize the pay-per-download option. For a small price, users purchase credits, and these credits are then used to buy individual photos. Many photos cost a minimum of three credits to buy. The pay-per-price credits may start at $33 and increase from there. Discounts are available resulting in lower prices for each credit bundle that a user purchases.

A pay per photo pricing structure makes Budget Friendly Stock photos available for companies or individuals that are working on a strict budget. It allows users to pay a minimal price for a photo that they may not be certain will work in their project at the time of purchase. Some imaging websites give users the opportunity to try an image of interest in a project before making a purchase.

Additional purchase options may also include receiving royalty free images through bulk ordering that offer a substantial discount. Different pricing structures are also available for  companies as well. In the end, the best photos to purchase are the ones that bring a project to life without the need for additional explanation.